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Welcome To Bloo House School

Bloo House is an innovative, independent school in Esher, Surrey, for 5 – 11 year olds, offering a modern and unique learning environment.

The school’s 8-aptitude curriculum is specifically designed to enable children to grow in all areas of development, academically, socially and emotionally, providing an outstanding experience that goes far beyond traditional education and independent schools.

We value a child’s ability to think critically, over and above memorising data. Every element of our curriculum and educational experience empowers children to habitually think outside the box, develop balanced brain function and ask insightful questions, preparing them from a young age to create impact in the real world.

In addition to the school’s stretching syllabus, our dynamic Forest School programme, promotes awareness, practical skills, happiness and wellbeing. Drawing from education in the classroom, Forest School allows the practical integration of knowledge, giving balance in all areas. This broad approach to education prepares your child’s mind-set for achievement in education and success in life.

At Bloo House in Surrey, we believe that children should be empowered to realise their potential, giving them the confidence to express their individuality in a manner that positively impacts on themselves and those around them. This distinctive ethos and innovative style consistently leads to an exceptional success rate for pupils applying to senior school.

By integrating key areas of child development, Bloo House children acquire character traits of integrity, confidence, determination and fortitude, enabling them to excel in all aspects of life.

If you share our passion for education beyond data and would like to see the Bloo House philosophy in action, please contact us to arrange a visit to Bloo House in Surrey or an immersion session for your little Einstein.



Our 8 Intelligence Curriculum


Words and language, written and spoken; retention, interpretation and explanation of ideas


Logical thinking, scientific reasoning and deduction; analysing problems, performing mathematical calculations


Artistic ability and awareness, appreciation and use of sound and vision; appreciation of music, art and dramatic


Body movement control, physical agility and balance; eye and body coordination; sporting and dance prowess


Awareness and appreciation of one’s place in the world; thinking and awareness beyond materialism and the self


Awareness of personal responsibility, of right and wrong; openness and honesty with those around you; having firm principles and sticking to them


Self-awareness, knowing yourself, personal objectivity; knowing of your own need for, and reaction to change


Perception of those around you and their feelings; the ability to relate to individuals

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Sayers Croft Adventures

Monday, October 2014 by

Children from Bloo House visited Sayers Croft, the outdoor and activity park in Ewhurst,Surrey. The site lies in 56 acres of woodlands, meadows, ponds and fields and has been providing quality outdoor experiences for young people for over 70 years. Last week, pupils aged 9 - 11 years old took part team building games and environment challenges in order to promote a sense of belo

Bloo House bus next to a Tipi

Tipi Adventure

Monday, June 2014 by

Tipi Adventure For our annual Bloo House adventure this year, the school took the children on a Native American experience in Herefordshire, staying in traditional tipis. It was a warm and sunny day, when we left Bloo House in Surrey and started venturing out west. The Native American-style tipi setting sits calmly on the banks of the River Wye, far away from the hustle and bustle


Forest School Experiences

Thursday, May 2014 by

When looking for Forest School experiences, spring is a wonderful time of year! A season that really defines the meaning of life, a true signature of nature’s wonder, a triumphant splash of colour and song bursting out of the dark days and cold nights of winter’s grasp. To experience the awe and wonder of what nature has to offer at this time of year, simply step outside. Wherever

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