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Bloo House - an innovative independent school. Based in Surrey, we provide a co-educational learning environment for 5 - 11 year olds in Esher, Surrey. We are a progressive school,  known for offering a highly personalised service to families and for encouraging academic excellence through self-understanding, creativity and integrity. Our inspiring curriculum is centred on

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The Importance Of Bonding

Monday, March 2014 by

It was reported last week that the importance of bonding with one's child, plays a much bigger role than was previously thought, with poor parent-child bonding affecting “learning”. The report, undertaken by the Sutton Trust Education Charity, entitled Baby Bonds, makes the case that it has an important impact on children's future educational chances as well as their emotional well-b


Pupils Cook Up A Storm

Monday, March 2014 by

Pupils last week spent the day cooking tasty delights at Maggie's Cookery School in Oxshott, Surrey.   The children, aged between 5 and 7 years old, took part in a bespoke cooking lesson, hosted by Maggie Stoker. On the menu was a delicious pasta dish. Because the children made the recipe from scratch, they took great pride in tasting their food. They even took enough home to

Our 8 Intelligence Curriculum


Words and language, written and spoken; retention, interpretation and explanation of ideas


Logical thinking, scientific reasoning and deduction; analysing problems, performing mathematical calculations


Artistic ability and awareness, appreciation and use of sound and vision; appreciation of music, art and dramatic


Body movement control, physical agility and balance; eye and body coordination; sporting and dance prowess


Awareness and appreciation of one’s place in the world; thinking and awareness beyond materialism and the self


Awareness of personal responsibility, of right and wrong; openness and honesty with those around you; having firm principles and sticking to them


Self-awareness, knowing yourself, personal objectivity; knowing of your own need for, and reaction to change


Perception of those around you and their feelings; the ability to relate to individuals

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